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Red Notary stickers Sydney Australia
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Gold notary stickers certificate Sydney
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At Pure Invites Sydney Australia, we custom design monogram, logo or wording for you or alternatively you can create your own design (greyscale, 500 dpi, tif format image file), and we'll make the paper embosser for you. These embossers can imprint up to 300gsm card, so it's a great tool to have.


​​A hand held embosser is a great starter for those who only need to make a short run of embossing onto invitations, company seals, or personal stationery. They are extremely easy to use, and all you need is a good hand grip. The embosser plate comes in 40mm in diameter. Please note: the plate can only be embossed in one direction, hence if you decide the embossed image is to come from the top edge of the stationery, it will always need to be embossed in that same direction i.e. the plate cannot be flipped or rotated. ​


Price: $ 250.00 (client to supply print ready design)

Lead time: 3 weeks

Rectangular plate has been discontinued.


We also sell Notary 50mm serrated red seal stickers for Certificates.

Please contact us for price. Gold serrated notary certificate stickers 57mm Sydney Australia.

Comes in approx. 100 stickers per box.

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